Ewa Ciamillo

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Thank you for your interest in Ciamillo's new Lekki8, the lightest, most compact road calipers on the market. If you have any questions regarding your order please contact me at ewaciamillo@gmail.com or for tech questions, lekkitech@gmail.com

Video support via WhatsApp and Google Hangouts is available for all our customers during your setup to make sure you get the most optimized performance from your Lekki8s. This gives you the fastest most effective customer support possible. Simply send us a note to the email above and we will set up a call within 24 hours.


We offer a two payment option - 50% paid on the first payment and the brakeset ships right away. For more information about this option and special deals on a set of Lekki8s or limited runs of color, please fill in your name and email address below.