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The Ciamillo B1 for Brompton and the new B1 Ultra feature an 8mm extension on the legs that hold the padholders and stiffer side ribs to support the extension. This caliper allows direct fit to the Brompton folding bikes without the need for an adapter. The cable routing is from the bottom and left and features two longer carbon fiber centerbolts.
The B1 are single-pivot high-performance super-lightweight road calipers with black inner arms. Includes front brake and rear brake with padholders and full titanium hardware. Brakes come with Shimano compatible padholder geometry - * Does not include pads.
Calipers are made from Grade 5 titanium, 7075 aluminum, and carbon fiber. These material optimized parts in the new B1 allow not only the lightest road caliper ever made but also the smallest. The compact architecture provides an inherent stoutness and rigidity as well as improved aerodynamics. They offer generous clearance for larger tires.
The B1 Ultra feature  thick titanium front plates and carbon fiber back plates and have a bit more rigidity than the B1.
  • Currently world's lightest road caliper set at 133 grams for the pair B1 and 178 grams for the B1 Ultra (minus pads).
  • Extended Legs.
  • Compatible with 28mm rims and up to 32c tires.
  • No sacrifice or compromise in performance.
  • Most compact brake on the market for improved aerodynamics.
Ciamillo Stamp Black on Clear.png
Red Ship
B1 Grey.401
B1 Copper.400
Red on Scale
B1 Violet.402
B1 Red.399
B1 Black.398
B1 Red and Orange

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